About this Blog

For over 50 years I have schooled myself in the task of writing scientific medical articles, perhaps 200 to date. In addition, I am getting ready to  publish my seventh book. So, I feel comfortable in the long-form as well.

But my grandchildren tell me that there’s a new world out there of blogging. I had never heard of it and certainly never felt any relevance to my comfort zone. I resisted. But even a little reflection teaches me that most people are not up on the technical jargon of medical articles and even fewer  have the patience to undertake reading an entire book.
So if I accept the challenge to do something to counteract the predominance of health illiteracy, it becomes my responsibility to try to generate a format that both informs and is accessible, a middle ground if you will. So far, I really enjoy the freedom and spontaneity that a blog permits. It Is certainly far less burdensome than my earlier writing forms. But does it work? Will anybody read these  essays? Will they help address the health illiteracy  which I sense so acutely?
Time will tell.

Your comments and suggestions are important.


  1. Yes, people including me have read your blog and I give thumbs up for you. Well Done!


  2. dr. bortz,
    what you are doing is very commendable. people across the globe will be benifited by your essays.
    with regards,

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