About Me

Want to live a longer life in good health?

I have dedicated my life to helping people realize their full human potential whatever their age, by improving their heath and fitness levels.   I have 2 books coming out this year:  The Roadmap to 100: The Breakthrough Science of Living a Long and Healthy Life, coauthored with Randall Stickrod, published on April 13 from Palgrave Macmillan publishers. Then in December 2010, there’s  Next Medicine: The Coming Revolution That Will Save American Healthcare, from  Oxford University Press.

I am available to speak to your organization about the science of how to live a longer, stronger, healthier life.



  1. Dr Bortz:
    Just watched your Commonwealth Club address Next Medicine. How wonderful. And how eerie since so much of what you say I also say, much of it with the same words.
    Last year I established the Wimberley Valley Think Tank to pursue the meanings of health, wellness, fitness and healing as an interdisclinary meeting aimed at fleshing out an emergent new paradigm with emphasis on whole systems. Growing up in Sunnyvale, CA in the 50s and 60s, I’m well aware of Kuhn as well as Willis Harmon & Oliver Markley’s 1974 SRI document, The Changing Image of Man. Oliver is one of our members!
    In 1959, as a swimmer, I was introduced to weight training – now in my 52nd year, also writing for fitness magazines. My mission is promoting a grassroots revolution in health education empowering autonomous preventative self-care. Evans & Rosenberg’s 1992 Bio-Markers’ revelations that sacropenia is the primary cause of premature aging/metabolic syndrome (now chronic degenerative conditions) got me going, while publications in Evolutionary Medicine have taken me much further.
    The field of exercise physiology and the fitness industry are as confused and corrupted as your portrayal of disease medicine. To that end I’m working on a whole systems oriented model of preventative health education for fitness literacy, one combining aerobic and anaerobic orientations.
    Wimberley is new Austin, Texas, home of the Stark Center at University of Texas, housing the Todd-McLean Physical Culture archives, largest such collection in the world including an unprocessed archival collection of close to 5,000 works in alt med. Iron Man Magazine will carry my feature story about the Stark Center in an upcoming issue.
    Thank you so very much for your dynamic presentation and mission in health education to resolve the crisis our nation has slipped into. Back in the early 1950s, Jack LaLanne started out on KGO; his website includes a short video clip of him talking about the health of the nation vis-a-vis fitness – you’d like it.

    warm regards,

    Ken O’Neill

  2. I saw you speak at Theaterworks last week. You referred to another author, Albert Von (something) who wrote about a subject I thought would be good for me – how to have a productive life – or something like that. Could you give me his name, please?

    • Thanks Trudi,
      Albert Bandura is my brilliant Stanford Psychologist friend/
      Walter Bortz

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